Hansika Motwani’s ‘Guardian’ all set to release on March 8th

Hansika Motwani’s ‘Guardian’ all set to release on March 8th

The teaser of actor Hansika Motwani’s ‘Guardian’ that was released last October, has been well received by the people. The teaser features Hansika in a dual role, with some scary moments that will keep the fans on the edge of their seats along with a lively script structure.

The film also stars Suresh Menon, Sriman, Abhishek Vinod, Sriram Parthasarathy, ‘Mottai’ Rajendran, Pradeep Rayan, Thangadurai, Diya, Baby Krishita and others in supporting roles. The film is directed by Guru Saravanan and Sabari. Guru Saravanan has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for this movie. The film is produced by Vijay Chander who directed films like Vaalu, Sketch, Sanga Thamizhan on behalf of Film Works. Sam C.S has composed the music for this film. K.A.Sakthivel and M.Thiyagarajan have done the cinematography and editing for the film respectively.

‘Lalgudi’ N.Ilaiyaraaja, who won the National Award for the blockbuster ‘Viswaroopam’, has done a great job as the art director and has added strength to the film. ‘Don’ Ashok has done the stunts. Viveka, Sam C.S and Umadevi have graced the music of the film with their lyrics. Archa Mehta has done the costume designing.

The press meet of the film was recently held. Producer Vijay Chander welcomed the cast and crew of the film and thanked his friends for supporting him. Speaking at the event he said, “My first film ‘Vaalu’ released after a delay of three years. The reason for the release of that film was the encouragement given by my well-wishers from the media. Before we started ‘Guardian’, I was planning to direct a film, but because of the pandemic, the release dates of many films had also changed. Next, because of the delay in starting the film, it was my friends and brothers who gave me the idea to produce this film. It was then that both the directors told me this story. Hansika Motwani was the first person who came to my mind as it was a heroine-centric story. The technical crew also came and joined us with their enthusiasm to work on this film. That was the root cause of making this film a great production. We worked hard on the CG. We were sure that this film should come out well. The film is releasing on March 8, media friends should extend their support to us,” he said.

Hansika Motwani
“The heroine-oriented film ‘Guardian’ is releasing on Women’s Day on 8th March. As always, we need the support of the media. As the film crew has said, we need your blessings and support. I am very happy to be working on this film.” Thank you all,” she said.

Lalgudi.N.Ilaiyaraja- Art Director
“I feel very blessed. As an artist I had the opportunity to serve my mentor KS Ravikumar and his students. I learned a lot while working with him. Likewise, it was a pleasure to work with both Sabari and Guru Saravanan. Vijay Chander would share many things with me not only professionally but also on a personal note, that’s how I came to work in this film willingly. I request the media to extend their support and best wishes,” he said.

M.Thiagarajan- DOP
“I salute the media and the legends sitting here. I got a call from Vijay Chander. After meeting him, he told me about this film and congratulated me and said that we are joining for film after a long time. I would also like to thank music director Sam C.S. Similarly, the heroine of the film is quiet here, but she has given an excellent performance in the film. The film has turned out well, thanks to everyone”, he said.

Don Ashok- Stunt Director
I would like to thank the journalists, Director K S. Ravikumar, Hansika and producer Vijay Chander who are here. I worked as an assistant in his first film ‘Vaalu’. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work as a stunt director in his first film as a producer. All the technicians and assistant directors have given their best and I request you to support the film by watching it in theaters, thank you”, he said.

Sam.C.S- Music Director
“Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Hansika in three consecutive films. All three were horror films. Earlier, the role of heroine was a supporting character. Now many leading actresses are acting in stories where the heroine is important. Hansika is one of them. In all three films she has given different kinds of performances. When we do many horror films, we seem to go into the shadow world, it is because of our passion for cinema. This is the first film with both the directors. It was very difficult to get their feedback. This film is not just a horror film but also a feeling. It is also made with a decent screenplay. Everyone has given an honest work to make this movie a success, including the producer who has not taken it for granted that this is just a horror film. Vijay Chander has made the film with the quest to make work look very good. There are many disciplines involved in composing music for a film. While editing it, I work carefully to ensure that the music of the film does not overwhelm the natural performance of the actors. I am trying and working on different screenplays and different music so that the fans don’t feel like they are given the same music. For example Hansika and I have worked in three films earlier. We can’t give the same music in all three, we have to try different types of music, and in doing so, I have learned from experience that some succeed and some fail. The support of the media is much needed. Thank you all”, he said.

Yuvraj, who has got the TN release rights of the film, said, “The film will release on March 8. The final decision is to release this film. It is a new type of horror film. It is a story about how the life of an unlucky person is changed by the things he gets. Thank you very much Vijay Chander for giving us this opportunity. We are giving our full support to this film,” he said.

Pradeep- Hero
Pradeep, the hero of the film, said, “Thank you KS Ravikumar Sir for gracing the ocasdion. Director Vijay Chandar once told me during the shooting of his previous film that if a good role comes, I would definitely call me. He also gave me a chance in this film. I was not disappointed with my role. My heartfelt thanks to Directors Sabari-Guru Saravanan and Hansika Motwani. Many thanks to the actors, actresses and technicians who worked in the film. The film is releasing on March 8, I hope there will be support from the media. Thank you all!”

Shobana- Actor
Actress Shobana said, “My second film turned out to be a huge film. I am very happy. Thanks to both the producer and the director for giving me this opportunity. It was a pleasure working with Hansika. The film is releasing on March 8 on Women’s Day. I need your support. My best wishes to all the crew.”

Diya- Debut Actor
“Opportunities are not given but created and director Vijay Chander has given me this opportunity on the silver screen. My sister would say that the greatest gift in the world is the faith others place in us than the faith we have in ourselves. Producers and directors have given me this opportunity. I will work in the future to fulfill the trust.
Thanks to KS Ravikumar sir for spending his valuable time today and encouraging us. We enjoyed working with Hansika in this film. This film will meet everyone’s expectations. Thank you very much”, she said.

Sriram Parthasarathy
Speaking next, singer and actor Sriram Parthasarathy said, “This film was a new experience for me. Basically, I am a singer-actor, which is a bit far-fetched for me. I have already worked with director-producer Vijay Chander. Suresh Menon and Sriman who co-starred with me are also my long time friends. It was a great experience when Mr. KS Ravikumar spoke highly of me. Director Guru Saravanan got what he needed from me during the dubbing of the film. It takes courage to publish a women-centric horror film on March 8th and my best wishes for that. I request everyone to come and watch the film in theaters instead of waiting for the release of the film on OTT, thank you all”.

Abhishek Vinod- Actor
Actor Abhishek Vinod said, “Producer and director Vijay Chander is my guru. He gave me a great opportunity in ‘Sketch’. He also called me and gave me an opportunity to act in this film. I express my sincere gratitude to him. Both the heroine Hansika Motwani and the hero Pradeep have given excellent performances. I also express my gratitude to K.S. Ravikumar Sir. My sincere thanks to the media friends”, he said.

Thangadurai- Actor
“I have seen director KS Ravikumar’s films many times. I also got the opportunity to act with him. I have worked with his assistants in this film. Vijay Chander gave me the biggest opportunity in his film ‘Vaalu’. Directors Guru Saravanan and Sabari both worked day and night in this film. I am very happy to have acted with Hansika. She has played a very beautiful ghost in this film. It was a very happy moment to act with Mottai Rajendran. Please do watch this film in cinemas with your family. You will definitely enjoy,” he said.

Guru Saravanan- Director
When Guru Saravanan spoke, he said “My sincere thanks to God, our guru director KS. Ravikumar and my family. God’s blessing is that Mr. K. S. Ravikumar brought us to him. Producer Vijay Chander has been our friend for a long time. During the final shoot of Google Kuttapa, he said that his production company was about to start and we could work together. Sabari and I have been best friends of more than a decade and had many things in common. We told the story to the producer, his team and Hansika and got approval. Then we told this to our guru and got his blessings. We have made a horror film with a good screenplay and an emotional plot that can be enjoyed with the family. We request the support of the media industry.” He later thanked all the actors, technicians and the production team of the film.

Sabari, one of the duo’s directors, said, “The main reason why I am on this stage is Mr. K.S. Ravikumar, our guru. We consider him as our Godfather. He gave us our first film opportunity and made us directors. No matter how many films we direct, we will never forget his first opportunity.” Also, producer Vijay Chander being a director, supported us in many ways. The film’s heroine Hansika also gave her full co-operation for the film. Sam.C.S also composed his background score and music for the songs. Art Director Lalkudi.N.Ilaiyaraaja and I are very good friends and he has given an excellent work. I request the media to take this film to the people, just like how they supported our first film. I would like to inform that this film will be accepted not only by specific fans but also by audience from all walks of life”.

KS Ravikumar
Director KS Ravikumar said, “I always talk about the directors first. But here I am talking about the producer. But the producer is a director and I am talking about him first. Many thanks to the producer Vijay Chander who agreed to give the duo a chance before the release of their first film Google Kuttappa.” I am familiar with Sam.C.S as we worked for Kalaignar-100 event where he composed the music for the play we created without any objection. He has a good voice. He has passion for music. Thank you very much for working with me and my assistants. Hansika did her best and so did other artistes.The title Guardian is apt for this story.This film has all the features as in my films. Guru Saravanan is a lively guy, Sabari is a bit reserved. We can’t predict both of them. But they have made me happy today. I wish them all the best in all their endeavors,” he concluded.

Guardian is all set to release in theaters worldwide on March 8th, 2024.

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