Production: Hashtag FDFS productions Dhirav presentsFilmmaker Pascal Vedamuthu directorial debut“Veppam Kulir Mazhai” – A Film that deals with a stigmatic threat to humanity

Production: Hashtag FDFS productions Dhirav presents
Filmmaker Pascal Vedamuthu directorial debut
“Veppam Kulir Mazhai” – A Film that deals with a stigmatic threat to humanity

Films that have addressed social issues have always managed to receive the admiration and acknowledgment of film enthusiasts. Furthermore, there have been a handful of films that have bravely confronted hard-hitting issues, with their creators passionately aiming to reach a wider audience. ‘Veppam Kulir Mazhai’, the upcoming film from Producer Dhirav of Hashtag FDFS Productions, delves into one such issue that is bound to evoke strong emotions in every viewer.

The star-studded cast includes MS Bhaskar, Dhirav, Ismath Banu, Rama, Master Karthikeyan, Dev Habibullah, Vijayalakshmi and many others.

Director Pascal Vedamuthu states that the movie centers on the present-day challenges encountered by married couples, wherein external and societal influences contribute to mental and physical instabilities. The central theme of the film will explore the intricacies of human emotions and the fundamental nature of existence, tackling the pressing issue of fertility that has emerged as a significant social crisis in recent times.

Director Pascal Vedamuthu, who previously worked as an assistant director on the National award-winning film ‘Kuttram Kadithal’ and co-directed ‘Magalir Mattum’ and ‘Suzhal’ web series, has helmed this project.

Dhirav, the producer of the film, also plays the complex character Petthaperumal the main protagonist. It is worth mentioning that Dhirav has previously directed a musical family drama film with actor Kishore Kumar and Subatra which is also awaiting it’s release soon.

Ismath Banu plays the female lead role in the film. She has already garnered attention with her appearance in a song from Vetrimaaran’s ‘Asuran’ and has played significant roles in movies like ‘Bommai Nayagi’ and the ‘Label’ web series. In this film, she portrays the character of Paandi, representing a larger portion of women in today’s society. MS Bhaskar, who has become an indispensable part of every film he is involved in, portrays the hilarious character named ‘Thiri Ayya’. Rama, with her unique style of expression and body language, portrays the role of an angry mother-in-law.

Technical Crew

Music director: Shankar
Editor: Dhirav
Cinematographer: Prithvi Rajendran
Sound designer: Anand, Dhirav, Arun
Stunts: Stunner sam
Art director: Balachander
Costume: Keerthana
Lyrics: Dhirav
D. I. – Srikkanth Raghu

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